When the boss is away…

It was about 10 months ago when our GM, Simon, started planning his trip to the US.  He and his partner, Audrey were invited to a wedding in Mexico & they decided to extend their trip to include LA, Vegas and San Francisco.

The countdown to Simon’s trip began and so did the reel of questions from staff…

Who’s going to make decisions?

Who’s going to approve invoices?

Who’s going to hire extra staff if we need them?

Who’s going to write the rosters?

Who’s going to run the hotel?

So with a new menu due for release, The HWY Apprentice Sponsored by Glam Adelaide launching, new beer fonts being installed and so much more going on all while he is away, Simon took off.  He only left a brief email listing ‘who’s doing what’ in his absence.

We all read his email with interest taking our responsibilities on board and stepping up to the plate.  Not surprisingly, things are running fairly smoothly & not because of the email or the apparent lack of pre-trip organisation.

(Here’s where I suck up & earn brownie points, if you have a weak stomach, stop reading now)

Simon’s management style has taught each of our department heads and managers to work it out for themselves and ask for help when required.  We are authorised to; make decisions, take credit when it works out & change it when it doesn’t.

Simon’s rule: Make a mistake once, I’ll teach you the right way, make the same mistake again, I’ll be disappointed you didn’t learn from me.

And there’s that word, “disappointed“, the one word everyone hates hearing someone you respect say.  Luckily, we don’t disappoint him too often.

The trust Simon has in his management team and free rein we’re given is a real contributing factor in the success of the Highway.  We think on our feet, we’re not afraid to make decisions and most importantly, we see the success of the hotel an extension of our personal success.

There’s an old saying in the industry “s**t rolls down hill” but not always said in a derogatory way.  From the top, Martin’s passion for the Highway is passed to Simon which is then passed to us.  We instill the same passion in our staff which we hope is noticed by our guests.

I guess it ultimately comes down to great leadership and having faith in the team you surround yourself with.  Like anyone, Simon’s far from perfect but admits his faults and follows his own lead by learning from his mistakes and taking advice from those around him.

So with Simon due back in 11 days, lets all cross our fingers & hope I haven’t spoken too soon 🙂  Oh, and head in for a beer with the boss when he gets back, I’m sure the stories will be well worth it!


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1 Response to When the boss is away…

  1. sounds great, nothing worse than a boss who doesn’t trust his employees and tries to micro-manage everything!

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